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PostSubject: *~Cotton Candy Comics~*    *~Cotton Candy Comics~*  Icon_minitimeSun Aug 22, 2010 8:50 pm

Katsura, Me, and little LucyXNyuu got bored one day and got an idea~

LucyXNyuu: Let's draw kawaii and funny comics for the forum guildies entertainment <3
Me: I already got a good idea *w* Let's draw about me eating LucyXNyuu again~!
Katsura: Good idea~! Heh Heh~
LucyXNyuu: Nyuuu~! T^T
Me: Just kidding~ -pats, pats- Uguu
LucyXNyuu: The cries in your stomach are telling me you are not >.>;;
Me: Okay~<3 Let's get started~-breaks out the pencils, erasers, and coloring pencils-

(We'll be posting the comics someday~ check out to see~!)

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PostSubject: Re: *~Cotton Candy Comics~*    *~Cotton Candy Comics~*  Icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 4:20 am

*u* can't wait~~ xP

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*~Cotton Candy Comics~*
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